Mr. Erwin saved his client from LIFE IN PRISON. The cards were stacked with the State calling 5 witnesses and a taped video confession. Mr. Erwin secured his client NOT GUILTY of all 10 counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault.  People v. C.K.

Mr. Erwin won another verdict of NOT GUILTY on 2 counts of Criminal Sexual Abuse. His clients was facing possible prison and registration as a sex offender. The State had 4 witnesses and a recorded phone call that could have proved damning evidence. The Jury deliberated for only 3 hours before finding lesser offenses.  People v. M.W.

Client found NOT GUILTY of HOME INVASION, ARMED VIOLENCE, ARMED HABITUAL CRIMINAL and FELON IN POSSESSION OF WEAPON.  Mr. Erwin was able to destroy the States' star witness and renowned Detective. The jury only deliberated for 2 hours.  People v. S.S.


Mr. Erwin won yet another verdict of NOT GUILTY when his client was charged with leaving a child on a school bus unattended. The client faced counts of Child Endangerment and Abandon School Bus with Children.   People v. J.W.

Mr. Erwin secured a victory when his client was ACQUITTED of criminal sexual assault even though he was recorded on a phone MAKING ADMISSIONS to the crime. The jury deliberated for only 30 minutes.

People v. M.J.


Another victory occurred when his client who was tried for aggravated battery to a child and was facing having to register as a violent offender against youth was found NOT GUILTY even though the State had 2 witnesses and graphic photographers of the victims injury.   People v. J.A.

Mr. Erwin's reputation as a hard negotiator grew when his client charged with Attempt Murder received a LESSER CHARGE and SENTENCE even as his client had shot the victim 5 times and client gave a confession.
People v. M.B.

Clients case was DISMISSED after a hearing to suppress evidence defending a man accused of selling three ounces of cocaine in DeKalb. 
People v. J.L.

Mr. Erwin's reputation further soared when he successfully defended a client charged with two separate 

domestic battery cases against the same victim. After Mr. Erwin destroyed the victim on the first case and he was found NOT GUILTY, the State DISMISSED the second case outright. 
People v. J.K.

Mr. Erwin also successfully defended MM when he ran from the police with a gun and was found NOT GUILTY of armed violence after the cop was injured. 
People v. M.M

Another acquittal occurred when RS who was charged with domestic battery was found NOT GUILTY after having kicked her boyfriend in the testicles during their heated argument.
People v. R.S.

Mr. Erwin successfully defended JB when he was charged with a DUI. Mr. Erwin won an ACQUITTAL after a bench trial as the judge found no evidence of impairment even though JB was recorded in the backseat of the squad making exculpatory statements.
People v. J.B.